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Thank you for your interest in the Summer Diary GETAWAY special edition digital photobook!

Please note that the images provided for download here are for press purposes only.  You are entitled to use the images free of charge in conjunction with a book review, article, or promotion - provided that full credit is given.  When publishing, please send us a link to the article, post, or digital version of the issue to

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SDP_GetawayPressPreview_01_Cover.jpg       SDP_GetawayPressPreview_02.jpg       SDP_GetawayPressPreview_03.jpg       

   SDP_GetawayPressPreview_04.jpg             SDP_GetawayPressPreview_05.jpg           SDP_GetawayPressPreview_06.jpg

  SDP_GetawayPressPreview_07.jpg             SDP_GetawayPressPreview_08.jpg         SDP_GetawayPressPreview_09.jpg

   SDP_GetawayPressPreview_10.jpg              SDP_GetawayPressPreview_11.jpg              SDP_GetawayPressPreview_12.jpg

   SDP_GetawayPressPreview_13.jpg        SDP_GetawayPressPreview_14.jpg        SDP_GetawayPressPreview_15.jpg

SDP_GetawayPressPreview_16_Credits.jpg        SDP_GetawayPressPreview_17.jpg         SDP_GetawayPressPreview_18_Promo2020.jpg

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