Otterj is a provocative American photographer whose work documents his day-to-day antics. As his name suggests, Otterj draws his greatest inspiration from the slender, hairy, bearded, and often tattooed gay male subculture known as otters. The men in his photographs are unabashed exhibitionists looking for a place to fit into a gay culture that has increasingly turned its back on a sexually aware world where leather and cruising are a form of liberation.

Otterj has worked extensively with the queer party producer Honcho, whose underground queer sex-positive aesthetic fits well with Otterj’s vision. In addition to photographing several of its parties, he has hosted several blowouts on his home turf in Denver.

His work has been featured extensively over the years in Summer Diary and on the SDP tumblr, as well as in Butt Magazine, The Advocate, and a number of galleries coast-to-coast.

Otterj's photography can be seen at and on Instagram @theotterspot 
All photographs © Josh Olsen / Otterj.

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