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MAN ON MAN stare down homophobia, ageism, and xenophobia and bite back with a display of queer tenderness and triumph again in their latest music video, "Baby, You're My Everything".

The heartfelt new project was built by Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen, Nastie Band, CRICKETS) and his boyfriend Joey Holman (Holman, Cool Hand Luke) in quarantine as a celebration of gay love.

MAN ON MAN's second single is a queer hymn of devotion, underscoring the very best parts of being with a lover in quarantine. It serves a soft landing thrown from the whirring chaos of a new life sheltering in place. The accompanying video from this prolific NYC-based duo is a wander into the baptism of rainbowed fellowship. Filmed on an iPhone while sheltering-in-place in Oxnard, California, the spectacular video embodies a broadened identity of DIY scrappiness while continuing on their mission to break down gatekeeper walls of straight and LGBTQIA+ establishments.

“There was a magnification of emotions in isolation that we focused on and the intensity of our union took on an almost spiritual nature. Our musical references were gospel and choir combined with dirty, drone-y rock. It's a love song about adoration and soul and relationship in the modern age.”

What started as an outlet for expression at the onset of COVID-19, was met with national attention when their debut single “Daddy” was removed from YouTube for violating “our sex and nudity policy” as reported by
Rolling Stone. The video contained neither and was later reinstated with an apology for the mistake.

"Baby, You're My Everything" is available now for stream and purchase on all music platforms.

Photos by A.F. Cortés

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