Richard Stabbert

SDP x Richard Stabbert

Blue Skies.  The Sea.  Sun and the Male form.  Images from memory of summers at Sandy Hook and Provincetown inspire this intimate collection of sensual paintings by artist Richard Stabbert for Summer Diary

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Summers at Sandy Hook, Provincetown, and travels to Paris have afforded artist Richard Stabbert a trove of inspiration for his paintings. Stabbert, a self taught artist, creates small and intimate paintings built on memories of people, past and present, who have left an impression upon his psyche. His work is very much along the path of the naive artists.

Working in acrylic on canvas, Richard’s sensual paintings capture a sentimentality of lustful innocence. Typical of this style of painting, there is a certain distortion and whimsical quality, which is both lighthearted and childlike. This naivety takes the ordinary into a world of enchantment.

Stabbert works in a limited palette in which the color blue often dominates. Areas are flattened, figures are spare and graphic, it’s overall strength resting purely in it’s innocence. At times, the artist seems to blur the lines between the feminine side of what is masculine, his images turning the reality of adulthood into the playful and weightless joys of youth.

Richard's work can be seen at and on Instagram @rstabbert