Summer Diary / WANDERLUST (Deluxe Digital Edition)

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From the Sdp Archive, discover or re-discover Summer Diary WANDERLUST and The SDP WOLFPACK! Scrapbook.  Originally published in print in 2011, this limited digital re-release includes both these zines at a special discounted price!

Summer Diary WANDERLUST draws inspiration traveling around the globe and features mens photographers, artists, models & writers from Spain, Italy, UK, Argentina, Germany and the US.

Editorial contributors include Quinnford + Scout, Walt Cessna, Martin Korben, Andrew Haigh, Giacomo Cosua, Benjamin Fredrickson, and our cover story photographer, Cain Q.  Exclusive features with centerfold model Tim O’Brien, on-set photos from WEEKEND, collage by Pornegrafo, and models Andrea Ravieli & Enrico Costantini.

48 page PDF.  English

The SDP WOLFPACK! Scrapbookour commemorative mini-edition zine covering the artists Scooter LaForge, Walt Cessna, Krys Fox & more at their 2011 WOLFPACK! show sponsored by Summer Diary at Splatterpool gallery in Brooklyn NY.  Featuring a collection of highlights from the show, plus photos by Walt Cessna and Benjamin Fredrickson, illustrator Topher McCulloch, words by Paul Darling, and a Scooter/Brian Kenny collage by Pornegrafo. 

16 page PDF.  English

Contains some Mature Content, 18+
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